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As readers will learn, this is the fatal spell of Sicily–an island of loss and change–where death alone is eternal. Please call 718-273-7660 or email [email protected] more information on the author and the book, please visit: Copies of this book may be available for sale at the event, or you may purchase online at portion of all purchases of this book will benefit the Italian Cultural Foundation at Casa Belvedere The Italian Cultural Foundation At Casa Belvedere PRESENTS: ABC…

Parking is located directly across the street at Notre Dame Academy donation per person. L’ITALIANO SI IMPARA COSI’ (HOW TO LEARN ITALIAN IN ONE HOUR)By & with Laura Caparrotti In Celebration of Italian Heritage & Culture Month and in conjunction with the Pluralism & Diversity Program at The College of Staten Island/CUNYA very unique method used by Miss Margherita, a despotic Teacher-Diva, to teach Italian to any Italian student.

Among the items presented will be a DVD of Anita’s photographs accompanied by folk and contemporary music selected by Lou highlighting the province of Salento.

*************************************** Author Douglas J. Gladstone, whose controversial book argues that the United States Department of the Interior’s National Park Service (NPS) is chiseling Mount Rushmore’s Italian American chief carver out of posthumous credit, will talk about the matter at The Italian Cultural Foundation at Casa Belvedere on Tuesday, September 29, at 7 P. Gladstone, whose critically acclaimed Carving a Niche for Himself; The Untold Story of Luigi Del Bianco & Mount Rushmore was published last year by Bordighera Press, took up the cause of the obscure immigrant from the Italian Province of Pordenone after listening to Del Bianco’s sole surviving child and grandson plead his case during a 2010 interview on National Public Radio.

Del Bianco has been consistently left out of most major books about the memorial, including the late Rex Allen Smith’s The Carving of Mount Rushmore, which is widely considered the definitive take on the project’s engineering and carving dynamics.

Drawing on history and family legend, Anthony Di Renzo presents a tale of progress and reaction, irony and paradox, in which the splendors of Caserta must yield to the wonders of the Crystal Palace.

Both intimate and sweeping, Trinàcria questions the price of pride and the cost of prosperity and contrasts illusions of grandeur and dreams of happiness with the pitiless truth that kills all hope and desire.

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The labor of bringing this book to you is nothing less than a “herculean task,” as Fratti puts it – “An important book that we must read with a healthy curiosity! Bake Traditional Italian Favorites for the Holidays Enjoy a morning baking class at Casa Belvedere in Cucina Colavita Learn how to make Struffoli; Italian Cheesecake; Cannoli and Zabaglione…